Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dazzling Sky and Magic Moments

"No one day is like another. Each tomorrow has its special miracle, its magic moment in which old universes are destroyed and new stars created."
-Paulo Coelho

One evening this week, I was on the river floating beneath a luminous blue, cloud-embellished sky, photographing some aquatic plants and flowers near the other shore. More clouds began to move in, and the sky became increasingly gray. It seemed as though a storm was rolling in and there wouldn’t be anything particularly interesting to see for the rest of the night - just slight variations on a gray, woolen theme.

However, you never know when the magic moment will occur. You have to be open to it and ready to embrace it!

So then I was floating peacefully under the gray sky, mindful of sights and sounds, and eventually perceived a shift in the tone of the western sky. 

 Openings in the clouds grew larger, giving way to light and sky.

The sky exploded with intense shades of orange, rose, lavender, and azure. It was a brilliant sky composed of colors that removed limitations and made anything seem possible. It lasted for maybe five minutes, and I felt blessed to have witnessed it.

I considered it a reminder to remain alert for the uplifting moment of opportunity or inspiration that comes along all of a sudden, as if out of nowhere. It happens – the chance encounter, the new idea, or a variety of other manifestations that give birth to creative possibilities. When we allow ourselves to be lulled to sleep by routine, fear, negativity and resistance to present circumstances, or other limiting mental habits, our chance of catching that moment is greatly reduced. We tend not to notice the subtle shifts taking place around us or the opportunities presenting themselves. Life seems dull, predictable, and static, and opportunities (how many, I wonder) pass by unnoticed and unseized.

Personally, I would rather live a more aware and colorful life and engage the magic!

: After publishing this post, it happened again, just as dramatically! We had been under thick cloud cover for the past several hours, and I thought to myself that this is one evening when we are guaranteed not to see any breathtaking colors penetrate the thick blanket of gray. As our family was eating a late dinner, however, I happened to glance at the sky just in time to see this stunning explosion of color:

I love how it looks like a signature below and to the left of center!

How cool is that?

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