Saturday, October 20, 2012

Autumn Haiku

Sensory impressions have been intense on the river this week! The various brilliant and subtle sights and sounds ushered me deep into stillness and gratitude, and I don't want to dishonor them by pairing them with too many words. I'm in a haiku mood. And in some cases, haiku-inspired verse helps to fill in the blanks when images were elusive - particularly where birds and low lighting were involved.


enter this chapel 
with empty mind tuned to now—
inhale reverence

stained glass windows of
gold, crimson, and tangerine—
sunlight dances through


sunrise thick with mist—
bald eagle soars gracefully
through silent stillness


art revealed at dawn—
fiery orange-red canvas
with frosted outline

late morning sunshine—
frost has melted into strings
of translucent beads


the sun has returned—
yellow leaves glisten with last
night's clinging raindrops


beating of thick wings—
elusive heron takes off
seeking solitude

silver maple leaf
lands silently on river—
a rippled applause


full, ripe, and bursting—
milkweed pods release silky
seed fairies to fly


brilliant foliage—
vestiges of town's heydey
draw my attention

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

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