Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter Meditation

The ice along the river has been phenomenal lately; the changes from day to day are a delight to behold.

I love what happens when sunlight meets water in its various states: frost, ice, snow, etc. The light illuminates the water droplet or crystal, making it come alive. It's as if the water broadcasts and intensifies the light passing through it. This morning while driving to work, the sun was rising behind a small wooded area, creating a misty scene illuminated not only by the newborn sun rays but also by thousands of bursts of light where the frozen droplets of water on the tree branches danced with the light of the new day. It was dazzling. I felt so blessed to see it. But really, awe-inspiring sights are around us all the time.

I was going to write about the river ice and share a few photos but decided the images are more powerful on their own, without words. So I created a video instead. I offer it as a relaxing meditation on the peace and beauty of winter. I hope you will enjoy it! For best results, view it in full screen high-definition (720p). And - as always - feel free to share the bliss!

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