Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ice Pictures on the Shore

After a long string of gray, cloudy days, a sunny day was in the weather forecast, and I was determined to get up early enough to experience the sunrise and make the most of the day. 

As the sun rose, it illuminated the shoreline, which overnight had become a masterpiece of stunning ice designs. 

My last few posts have been heavy on words and light on images, so this time I will let the pictures speak for themselves of the beauty I found on the river this morning. 

Zoomed in:

I love the sense of flow suggested by the curvy lines here, and the edge where the very delicate ice plates meet the gently moving water:

I see a story scene in this image - of a river running by two houses (one set back a bit) before turning into a waterfall, and two people sitting in the yard looking and pointing at a bird.

Some of the rocks also were sketched with an elaborate ice design:

This oak leaf was temporarily detained on its journey...

...but has since been freed from its icy confines. This leaf reminds me of my dad, who is still cooped up in the hospital after a second emergency surgery, waiting to get back into the flow of life. Sometimes we just need to be patient and trust the process, knowing that this, too, shall pass.

When I returned to the river about an hour later, the warmth of the sun had melted nearly all of the ice, but I was glad to have seen it in all its glory. 

How much beauty and inspiration do we miss because we got up too late, weren't looking in the right place, or aren't really looking in the first place?

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