Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's Lilac Time!

Is there anything quite like lilacs in early May? They bring to mind so many happy memories and associations from my childhood. I remember having lilac bushes in the yard of my childhood home and vases of lilacs beautifying the air inside our home and my grandmother's home as well. The gift of lilacs were given and received gladly. They were important.

The lilac tree in our front yard it is quiet, dormant, and largely unnoticed for more than 10 months each year. In early spring, I begin inspecting it for signs of new life. What joy to discover the first miniature, dark buds! Such hope and anticipation.

In the midst of being fascinated with the daffodils, I pause to check in with the lilacs every few days to see the changes.

Last weekend was when it really started to get exciting.

And on Sunday, the first blossom!

I actually clapped my hands and cheered when I saw the first blossoms six days ago. I also put my nose close and inhaled the year's first intoxicating whiff of lilac. The bees and I were psyched. 

The day when the first daring lilac flowers open is highly symbolic to me. It represents the flowering of human consciousness, beginning with the first awakened one, the one who shows the others the way - how to open up fearlessly and authentically and give the world the gift of your highest, most fully expressed self. In the two photos above, it almost looks as though the surrounding buds are curious and intrigued, looking to the one that has blossomed and inspires them by example to do the same. What have they got to lose? 

These two decided to bloom together and made me smile. It certainly is a blessing to have someone to bloom with. 

By the next day, more flowers had opened.

The day after that, the air was perfumed with the floral scent of lilac. A critical mass of buds had opened and was pervading the air. The honeybees were ecstatic.

The following morning, the rain-kissed lilacs were a sight to behold.

At peak and smelling heavenly...

In full bloom this morning:

It all reminds me to be here now and savor these fleeting moments when the intoxicating fragrance of lilacs drifts through the air - because lilacs don't last long. But the memories invoked by the sight and smell of them each year linger for a lifetime.

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