Sunday, April 13, 2014

It Happens Every Year

It happens every year, no matter how intensely Winter embraces us. Eventually Winter loosens its grip, and the first signs of Spring push through. At first it looks as if Winter has devastated our yards and landscapes, leaving everything brown, brittle, and dead. Then, the next thing you know, the rain convinces the grass to green overnight, and life bursts forth, green and tender.

Yesterday was the first genuine Spring day in my world. Smiles returned to people's faces, and we bared our pale limbs to feel the the sun's warmth and receive our first dose of vitamin D. This day was a long time coming, but finally, it has arrived and was well worth waiting for!

Friday night, we heard the spring peepers for the first time. Yesterday morning, I awoke to the sound of a black fly hitting against the window blinds above the bed. While walking the labyrinth later that morning for the first time this year, I discovered the first flower: a purple crocus!

On closer inspection, I noticed a bee hard at work.

As an afterthought, I wished I'd taken some video of the bee pollinating the flower with the sound of birdsong all around - the sound of the world waking up!

Forests of daffodil shoots sprouted up everywhere.

Blackbirds perched loudly in budding trees.

We saw about a dozen painted turtles basking on logs

 ...although not far upstream the surface of the water remained covered with patches of ice - a scene that revealed three seasons: Winter's ice, Autumn's fallen leaves, and the reflection of Spring trees.

In our yard, scallions and lilies seemed to grow a little more each hour.

In the evening, the nearly full moon rose into the trees with budding branches silhouetted against it, and the chorus of peepers began again.

Although the river is rather high, and the current is strong as I write, I already have taken my kayak on the river once - a week ago today. A few days earlier, I never would have imagined this would be possible.

For a while, we were in a holding pattern between Winter and Spring, but Spring can spring suddenly, even after the worst of Winters! My purpose for writing this post is to remember this. Next year, when Winter feels endless and Spring seems so far away, I can remember how quickly it happens. And how alive I felt walking along a favorite trail, filled with awe and gratitude for Spring bringing everything back to life. It almost makes you forgive and forget how long and frigid Winter was.

Almost, but not quite.

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