Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Light of a Distant Fire

It's Sunday evening, and still so much to do to prepare for the work week ahead. Bills to pay. Lessons to plan. Laundry. The day has faded into darkness. The vegetable and herb gardens are covered with old sheets in anticipation of the season's first frost. I light a stick of earthy incense on the indoor porch overlooking the river. Then I notice the light across the river.

It's the light from a neighbor's back yard wood fire. It pulls me into a state of peace and serenity and ignites the desire to sit around a warm fire in my own back yard on this chilly night. I ask my husband if he'd like to have a fire (knowing full well that I don't have the time). He is too tired and hasn't gathered any wood but asks if I'd want him to prepare some for tomorrow evening. Of course. It's hard not to be inspired by the contagious energy of a fire glowing softly nearby - the woodsy scent and peaceful, crackling sounds. The warmth and the glow. The light of the fire across the river reminds me of the sweet, unexpected fragrance of a neighbor's flowers drifting in through an open window like a friendly ripple of peace and kindness. It's comforting.

I linger on the porch appreciating the glow of the distant fire and consider what music would deepen the ambiance. Beethoven piano sonatas, beginning with Moonlight Sonata and followed by Sonata Pathetique. Perfect. As the music flows like the river outside the porch windows, I balance some stones on my altar and complete the arrangement with an origami water lily floating in silky, blue waves and the light from two homemade, glass lanterns embellished with carefully chosen words for attunement. Tranquility infuses the air through the music, the balance, the light as the weekend draws to a close. A moment of gratitude to be shared. It's the little things, the small moments - at the same time extraordinary and nothing special.

May your week be filled with blessings, balance, and light.
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