Sunday, March 29, 2015

Beneath the Surface

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Just a small reminder (at a time of year when many of us need it) that what we can see is only a small part of what is going on...

Don't be deceived. In Winter, when the world looks bare and seems to be at a standstill, be patient and know that much is happening below the surface. Life is preparing to burst forth again after a necessary time of preparation. May we learn to trust the rhythm of life and the role of the darkness and cold.

Even the river carries this message. Beneath the frozen surface, there is movement taking place. It doesn't stop.

May we go inward and put all the energy we have into preparing for new growth. The time will come soon enough, and all the work we do in the meantime will serve to make us stronger and healthier.
At this time of year, may we cultivate the art of patience and give our attention to that which seeks to emerge from the stillness.

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